How will I know I've got the best money for my story?
I will endeavour to keep approaching all the magazines who may be interested in your story with a bespoke written proposal until we have success.

Does it cost me anything?
No. Definitely not. My services are free to you.  I get paid separately by the magazine or newspaper in line with NUJ rates for the job when they take a written true story from me for publication.

Can I be guaranteed anything?
90% of the time, I will see to it that you get paid something. It is only general health or older supernatural/spooky stories that may not receive a fee.

What sum of money might I get for selling my true story to a typical woman's weekly magazine?
All magazines have different budgets relating to their size of circulation and advertising revenue. Many show the rates they pay on the pages as "up to" figures. I will secure you at least that "up to" figure and try to increase that - this adds value to you using me as  going it alone you may well mean you only get offered a smaller fee.

Each true story is valued on its own merits.  For instance, a very recent ending tends to increase value - which is why you should not delay contacting me.

Generally, around at least £500 will normally be paid to you for a "double page spread" (two page story) in a woman's weekly magazine.

You can end up getting £750, £1,000 or more for a knock-out story in a super-circulation women's weekly or supplement if my editors are very keen or if more than one magazine is interested.

Smaller pieces proportionately pay less,  typically say, £200 for a half page. Not bad for a few phone calls and sending off some snaps! 

Health stories are important in raising awareness, however they can pay less if there is nothing more than a basic medical history with no journalistic novelty or unusual emotional twist to it because a straightforward medical case study alone is not difficult for staff journalists to get hold of.

That said, dramatic real life stories which are underpinned by a health issue or medical condition, or a health story with a very strong emotional twist, will generally push your payment up, as these stories are considered real life stories and not simple health report pieces.

Remember, powerful and provable stories suitable for Sunday tabloid newspapers can earn you several thousands of pounds. It's vital to contact me very speedily - otherwise you could find you miss out as these things do tend to "break".

When will I get to know for sure what I'll be paid for MY story then?
You will get a fixed fee from a named publication confirmed in writing FIRST by myself or the interested publication/s upfront before I do a full interview. You get paid directly from the publication (none of your fee goes through my hands) a few weeks after your article is published. We will agree "the rights" so your story will not appear in any other publication.

What do other types of magazines beside women's weeklies pay?
Prestigious monthly and glossy women's magazines, health, health and fitness and the teenage magazine market tend to pay you less than the women's weeklies, probably partly because they have fewer issues per year to fill than the fiercely competitive weeklies. Teen mags sometimes also give interviewees a much-coveted "goodie bag".
Lower circulation/budget specialist magazines that cover supernatural true stories also pay lower fees or no fee at all - many people with a mysterious story just want to share and make sense of their paranormal/spiritual experience.

What is the payment method?
The magazines pay you directly, by cheque, a few weeks after publication. You can have the cheque "made payable" to someone other than yourself on request.

Can I make more money?
Yes. Sometimes more than one publication will want your story from me, as I've done before with stories I've had publihsed in Bella and Cosmopolitan, Woman and Take it Easy (Sunday People supplement), The News of The World (in the 90s) and More magazine, etc.
selection of my work has been syndicated internationally, with the interviewee's consent, such as to Elle in Mexico, Sarie and Fairlady in South Africa, etc.

I'll always put such options to you first and you get paid something every time your article is re-published.

CONTACT US with the gist your story to get started now!

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