What's it worth?

How much will I get for selling my story to a woman's magazine? You can understand that it's hard to say what fee you'll get without even knowing what your story is. You're usually talking hundreds of pounds or a thousand pound or more. Rate vary all the time.

All magazines have different budgets relating to the size of their circulation (how many issues they sell) and advertising revenue. Real-life story hungry women's weekly magazines tend to have more scope to pay more for real-life stories than glossy monthly women's magazines - partly because the former has 52 fiercely competitive issues a year to fill and the latter just 12.. It's a bigger market, obviously. Doing your story isn't always entirely to do with the money - it's also to do with where you'd ideally like to see your story appear and your other motivations.

Why use you? Would you get a higher fee going direct without me - because obviously I get paid for my time spent on you and your story? I think, these days,  yes, you might possibly get a higher fee if you went direct. But there are other considerations - and you can't come to me after approaching magazines yourself, though you can do it the other way round - try me first, for free.

I put together a strong pitch for you - hopefully increasing the chances of your story being selected in the first place.

Going direct you would  usually have to sign all rights away on your story so it could be sold on elsewhere and you won't get anything, or possibly even know about it. I secure an exclusive contract for you which prevents this from happening and should any other publication also be interested in running your story when they see it, the magazine would refer them on to me and I'd ask you first and secure an extra fee for you. You remain in control.

Your fee covers your time and trouble - talking and sorting out or even having some photos taken. You can treat yourself, your partner, your family, or make a donation, or part donation, to a favoured charity which we can include, or promote, at the end of your article.

How will I know I've got the best money for my story? I will endeavour to approach a number of suitable magazines who may be interested in your story until we, hopefully, have success. That way you will know what  level of fee they are offering for this type of story right now.

Does using you cost me anything? No. My services are always entirely free to you. I get paid separately by the magazine or newspaper in line with NUJ rates for the job.

When will I know exactly what I'll be paid for my story? Early on - then this is guaranteed  to be paid after your article appears.There are no vague verbal promises regarding your payment. You will get the actual amount of cash you'll get from a named publication confirmed in writing first by myself or the magazine before I do a full interview. You usually get paid directly from the magazine a few weeks after publication. 

What do other types of magazines beside women's pay?
Health, health and fitness and the teenage magazine market tend to pay you less, if at all. Teen mags sometimes also give interviewees a much-coveted "goodie bag". S
pecialist magazines that cover supernatural true stories also tend to pay lower fees - many people with a mysterious story just want to share and make sense of their paranormal/spiritual experience.

Can I make more money?
Yes. Sometimes more than one publication will want your story from me, as I've done before with stories I've had published in Bella and Cosmopolitan, Woman and Take it Easy (Sunday People supplement).
selection of my work has been syndicated internationally, with the interviewee's consent, such as to Elle in Mexico, People, Sarie and Fairlady in South Africa, etc.

I sometimes use a major international syndication agency.

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